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Harry Worth - A Policemans Lot 1967

Here’s Harry - The Bicycle 1961

Hers’s Harry - The Voice 1961

Harry Worth - Anyone For Golf 1969

Here’s Harry - The Holiday 1961

Here’s Harry - The Last Train 1961

Here’s Harry - The Medals 1961

Here’s Harry - The Request 1961

Here’s Harry - The Birthday 1961

Here’s Harry - To Be Called For 1966

Here’s Harry - The Plant

Here’s Harry - The Overdraft

Harry Worth - Just The Job 1969

Harry Worth - James Bond Where Are You 1968

The Window Scene

Civic TV Advert

Harry’s daughter Jo talks about This Is Your Life


One For The Road 1967

Tax And The Single Man 1967

Money To Burn 1968

Wheel Of Misfortune 1968

Only Four Can Play 1968

No Place Like Home 1969

The Harry Worth Theme by Ivor Slaney


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